Rob Lacey

Brighton, UK -

Software Engineer specialising in Ruby on Rails. I do occasional freelance work, but I can say with certainty that I am not looking for a new job, I love working for SARD JV Ltd, they are awesome and give me my pocket money every month. By all means dangle a carrot, but the chances are I'd rather stay at home and do Pair Programming with my cat and drink tea with my wife.

technical skills

I started my career as a Hostmaster for an Internet Service Provider and quickly moved to Network Operations Engineer, and then Third-Line Support providing support to any number of different operating systems and environments. I've always had a personal passion for building web applications and websites so I took the first available opportunity, 13 years ago, to move into the role of a Software Engineer. I have been working both full-time and freelance in that capacity since 2009, working primarily with Ruby (and with Rails for web development since 1.1.3 through to 6.0).

I have worked in small teams both as an individual and pair programming using Test Driven and Behaviour Driven Development with Test::Unit and Rspec. All projects required learning new tools and keeping abreast of appropriate technology including: SOAP, REST, ActiveResource, Socket based Daemons, ActiveMerchant for payment processing, ferret, HAML. I have also worked using various deployment environments including Nginx and Apache with Mongrel / Thin / Passenger / Unicorn, and Enterprise level platforms like EngineYard and Heroku.

Certified Scrum Master, Certified MySQL Professional
Programming Languages
Ruby (inc. Ruby on Rails, JRuby), PHP, JavaScript, Bash, Perl. Working on learning Python, Elixir
Web Development
HTML, HAML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, React, Backbone
Operating Systems
Linux RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, WhiteBox, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows (2k / 2k3 Server, XP, Vista, 7), Gentoo
Server Applications
Apache, Nginx, ProFTPd, Exim, Zope, Plesk, IIS, Redis, Memcache
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, LDAP
Version Control
Git, Subversion, Darcs, CVS
Deployment Environments
Linode, VMware, OpenVZ (Virtuozzo), Xen, Amazon EC2 / S3 / Cloudfront, Heroku, EngineYard
Firewalls and Networking
Iptables, Fortigate, Netscreen, Cisco, Ascend routers, Server Iron load balancers

work experience / history

SARD JV Limited

Senior Developer (March 2019 - current)

Working remotely as a Senior Developer in a team of 8 across multiple projects offering SaaS solutions that supports the NHS with it comes to staff leave, rostering, and revalidation of staff licencing. Currently working as Project Lead for a new Rostering solution. Limited

Senior Developer (March 2009 - February 2019)

Working remotely for the past 9 years in a small development / product team (based in Brighton, UK with my colleagues in New York, USA) for a very high volume music site. Building and maintaining a Social / E-commerce / Music site requiring anything from payment processing, media (images, audio and video) conversion, scaling performance, providing an API for external developers, Android/iOS mobile applications and Third-Party fulfillers, integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Zencoder, Zendesk and a number of other third party APIs.

Self Employed

Freelance Software Developer (September 2008 - current)

Working for a number of clients, taking existing code bases, upgrading, adding new features and testing existing code. Working on ongoing support contracts to maintain daily operation of client web sites.

Advantage Interactive Limited

Senior Developer / Systems Architect (July 2006 - September 2008)

I worked in a small team of developers maintaining three of the company's core web sites and provisioning systems. Programming primarily in Ruby / Ruby On Rails and working in sprints using a combination of Scrum and XP methodologies to incrementally roll out new functionality and new products whilst maintaining the core code base. The role involves constant interaction with other team members to plan and deliver solutions, communications with all departments within the company and mentoring junior members of staff. The role requires me to use my systems admin skills, pick up new ideas and react quickly to resolve issues.

Hosting Engineer (November 2005 - July 2006)

I worked in a small Operations Team maintaining the network, domain registration, web hosting and mail platforms and acted as an escalation point for the Support Teams. The role required me to solve problems using a number of different skills and learning to prioritise tasks.

Mistral Internet (formerly Frontier Internet)

3rd Line Technical Support Engineer / ISP / Systems Engineer (July 2005 - November 2005)

I worked in a busy Support Department, managing internal and customer tickets on a variety of services including: managed servers, connectivity, firewalls, MySQL / MSSQL Databases, IIS / Apache Web Services. I acted as the escalation point for 1st and 2nd Line Support Teams. My duties varied on a daily basis because of the range of services that were offered and involved communication between multiple departments as well as direct contact with customers. Other duties include some coding projects and consolidating several different hosting platforms into one single new platform.

Network Operations Engineer (August 2002 - July 2005)

I worked in a small Network Operations team maintaining the core web, mail and data systems. The role involved sys-admin, configuring and installing Leased Lines at customer sites, network monitoring, DNS, MySQL. I used our internal ticketing systems to resolve internal and customer problems. Web development in PHP / MySQL for internal systems.

Hostmaster (November 2000 - August 2002)

I worked in a small team dealing with processing customers orders from initial set-up internet services. e.g. web hosting, mailboxes, dial-up, ADSL, etc. The role primarily involved domain maintenance and general office administration but also had scope to get involved in all technical aspects of the business, DNS management and programming in PHP / MySQL. It required interaction between sales, admin and Network Operations departments across two company sites and pre-sales enquiries from customers.

education / qualifications

other information

Interests include; online gaming, music fanatic, horror/sci-fi/thriller films, coding, gigs, playing guitar, socialising, cats, filmmaking. Currently learning drums. Married, Full clean driving license, Vegetarian


previous projects