Rob Lacey

Brighton, UK -

Software Engineer specialising in Ruby on Rails. I do occasional freelance work, I love working for SARD JV Ltd, they are awesome and give me my pocket money every month. By all means dangle a carrot.


If you fancy smashing your brains against a wall. I’m trying to understand this Ruby application. It’s interesting to say the least.

1. it’s 18xx, which is classic train game with economic strategy, stocks and share and the like. Pipe smoking (not crack) Socks and Sandals kind of gamer. Kat has 10 of these games, doesn’t wear sandals
2. written in Roda, kinda like Sinatra but different. Much more flexible. But harder learning curve. Nice routing based request flow.
3. Uses Opal, no javascript here. Ruby classes that translate to JS.
4. This feels like it was written by smart people in the most bizarre and almost deliberately convoluted way such that no one ever would want to contribute to their OpenSource project ever. I want to play