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Rob Lacey (contact@robl.me)
Senior Software Engineer, Brighton, UK

Bundler is moaning

Seems dashes are outlawed now. Will fix that…

00:45 bundler:config
      01 $HOME/.rbenv/bin/rbenv exec bundle config --local deployment true
      01 Your /home/deploy/.bundle/config config includes `BUNDLE_BUILD__OR-TOOLS`, which contains the dash character (`-`).
      01 This is deprecated, because configuration through `ENV` should be possible, but `ENV` keys cannot include dashes.
      01 Please edit /home/deploy/.bundle/config and replace any dashes in configuration keys with a triple underscore (`___`).

Ok, it’s true

deploy@li762-169:~$ cat .bundle/config 
BUNDLE_BUILD__OR-TOOLS: "--with-or-tools-dir=/usr/local/bin/or-tools"


deploy@li762-169:~$ cat .bundle/config 
BUNDLE_BUILD__OR___TOOLS: "--with-or-tools-dir=/usr/local/bin/or-tools"

And it’s stopped moaning…

00:25 bundler:config
      01 $HOME/.rbenv/bin/rbenv exec bundle config --local deployment true