Rob Lacey

Brighton, UK -

Software Engineer specialising in Ruby on Rails. I do occasional freelance work, I love working for SARD JV Ltd, they are awesome and give me my pocket money every month. By all means dangle a carrot.

Caught my first tube this morning, Sir.

Ok, I threw this up about a week ago. Still I’ve managed to deploy my first Phoenix application to Gigalixir. It’s attempting to be a rather splendid, better than the YouTube UI for I Play Red ’s YouTube Channel …which will allow Kat the ability to publish her videos, which are then synced here but at the same time label them with the game they are for. Which allows for better searching, SEO, OpenGraph, and generally syndicating all over the shop.

Plus I have a project to build something that needs to work and we can measure success on nicely. Not like this blog where the only person that really needs to read it is me :)