Firefox has lost my favour

I am sad to say that I am follow the trend of slamming down Firefox. In recent months I’ve found that I am using it less and less. I was initially turned onto it because of the tab support and the frustration of having multiple IE windows open for multiple pages. It just feels more natural and now IE feels painful and not pretty enough, Firefox’s default style just adds more to the page I guess and feels nicer.

Then I looked at plugins and now I have a Operator (for detecting microformats), Firebug, Web Development Toolbar, Elasticfox (for managing Amazon EC2 instances), FireFTP. They are all extremely useful and things I use daily.

However, Firefox is just becoming slower and slower and I am having to restart it at least twice a day, whether I am on Windows or Ubuntu. I am swaying over to Google Chrome as its just slicker and altogether faster little beastie. I am now finding that I am using Firefox for editing css with the Web Developer Toolbar, and debugging javascript with Firebug and that’s it, so I’m not actually using as a web browser as such anymore. Sad times.