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SomeView.render/2 is undefined

I did a bad and ploughed into creating an update function for my form and woah begads I broke something.

UndefinedFunctionError at GET /rooms
function DungeonWeb.RoomView.render/2 is undefined (module DungeonWeb.RoomView is not available)

Now DungeonWeb.RoomView.render/2 is not there. In the backtrace it even suggests there’s nofile. There totally is…

defmodule DungeonWeb.RoomView do
  use DungeonWeb, :view

Not entirely sure what could cause this or cause the room_view.ex not to be loaded :S

UPDATE: 29/11/2021

It would appear that saving and changing just whitespace on my rooms/index.html.heex fixed everything. Huh? So there’s some kind of template cache that can get messed up?